Baja Wedding Catering? Just Ask Chef Ryan Steyn



Erick Falcón |  Todos Santos


    If you want to up the ante for food cattering at your wedding or event, how would having one of Baja’s top chefs at your wedding sound for a change?

Chef Ryan Steyn, widely considered by regional foodies, critics and specialized media as one of northern Baja’s leading chefs, has set on a personal quest to transform your wedding reception food ideas forever thanks to his new project, SKY Catering, a private event & wedding catering service that will bring Ryan’s famed Baja Cuisine (or the cuisine of your choosing) to your celebration in Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Mexicali, Valle de Guadalupe or the greater San Diego region.

“Your wedding reception can be spectacular, a great memory for you and your guests, and I’ll make a special, personalized menu according to your taste and budget, from French cuisine to Baja Cuisine to whatever your needs are,” says Steyn, a native of South Africa who came to, and fell in love with, Baja and its wonderful gastronomic scene almost a decade ago.

Steyn’s take on Baja Cuisine features fresh, regionally and seasonally-available ingredients like seafood, olive oil, fruits, meat cuts and other prime examples of what Baja has to offer. Ryan is now fully committed to his SKY Catering project, in which he offers dessert tables, appetizers, seafood raw bars, after-wedding parties catering, event design services and personalized menus, and is available for events all throughout Baja California and San Diego.


     Con una trayectoria de ocho años como uno de los mejores cocineros de Baja California, el chef Ryan Steyn transformará para siempre los banquetes de boda y eventos con su nueva propuesta, SKY Catering, un servicio de cenas privadas, banquetes y eventos especiales de gran nivel que acerca a la famosa Cocina de Baja California a tu celebración en cualquier lugar de Baja California o San Diego.

   “Tu comida de bodas debe ser espectacular, debe ser un recuerdo grato para los novios y sus invitados, y nosotros nos encargamos con un menú personalizado para cada pareja de acuerdo a sus gustos y presupuesto, desde cocina francesa hasta cocina de la Baja,” asegura Steyn.

   SKY Catering ofrece servicio de mesas de postres, canapes, barras frías de mariscos, tornabodas y otros servicios de planeación en todo Baja California y San Diego.

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