10 Reasons to Celebrate your Destination Wedding in the Guadalupe Valley and Ensenada

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Por Lupita Cordero/Todos Santos


Celebrating your wedding a few hours or several miles away from home should not be a burden, if the lucky couple learns to delegate its organization to a professional wedding planner. With stress out of the picture, the lovebirds’ happiness can make all the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary wedding. You’ll find that a destination wedding in Ensenada – especially in its wine country – offers a seal of identity to your event. Your big day deserves to become a fantastic experience, worthy of a dreamy celebration that projects your style and personality. 


ddluAdvantages of a professional wedding planner for your destination wedding

   Engaged couples who are often busy with professional or personal occupations will benefit from hiring a professional wedding planner to help them with achieving a worry-free and unforgettable destination wedding , given the complicated logistics that this kind of event requires.





Save the Date

   A destination wedding is a magnificent opportunity to enjoy your loved ones’ company una very special and exotic setting- usually outdoors- in which bride & groom and their guests travel to another city or country to celebrate their wedding, which requires the use of touristic services for at least a weekend. It is advised that interested couples send guests a ‘save the date’ notification at least 12 months in advance, indicating when and where will the event take place, so that relatives and friends can plan ahead while proper formal invitations are sent.