The O XPerience: discovering the full Valle de Guadalupe experience

It’s all about self-discovery, gourmet experiences and travelling through Valle de Guadalupe’s lovely landscapes.


By Erick Falcón Todos Santos

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     As simple as looking up into the sky is how connector of quality, entrepreneur and President of  The O Xperience, Olga Sanchez de la Vega invites her clients to appreciate Baja in a completely different manner.

One probably tasted or heard about the great seafood and wine delicacies in the Baja region but probably never dare to really immerse in the experience of finding unique spots in Baja. Yet, it is not until Sanchez de la Vega with O Xperience gathers souls in this region’s vineyards and virgin hidden places, that clients really get to connect with nature.

After more than 10 years of taking high profile clientele on custom-tailored ‘experience trips’ to diverse destinations including Valle de Guadalupe, Sanchez de la Vega knows that Valle is not only about luxury, wine and gourmet dining, but also reconnecting with one’s self and a better appreciation of nature.


“People are absorbed by the city, their jobs, and routines. They aren’t necessarily connected to nature or even themselves. I invite them to explore, to keep discovering things, and that is when magic happens.” Olga says.


    Well known for her passion for customer service and trips that make a difference, you know Sanchez de la Vega has top credentials when she is the one showing former Airbnb strategist Chip Conley around Valle de Guadalupe’s top spots, just to mention one of her high-profile customers over the past five years in Valle, from wine tastings to gourmet festivals to meet-and-greet with top Baja chefs and even unique

First-timers wary of delving into rugged, winding dirt roads are rewarded by spectacular sunsets over rosé; all insecurities will wash away after a lively chat with friendly strangers enjoying fresh ceviche with you in a communal table in a secluded winery or restaurant. Some lucky guests might even get to listen to the stories of chefs, wine makers and producers and their efforts to run one of Valle’s myriad family-run businesses. A true immersion into a new found world.


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