Ja Bebedería Nacional: Baja Craft Beer 101’s


The time for craft beer in Baja is now.



Erick Falcón | Todos Santos


baja craft beer revista todos santos It was time for a revolution.
At least here. All the ingredients were readily available: hops, malts and materials available at competitive pricing, given Baja’s closeness to Southern California’s craft beer scene.  And most important of all, a young population fond of tasting freshly-brewed beer, as well as a state government regulation that begins to make us think that craft beer in Baja can be good business.

You just need to go to one of the three major beer fests in Ensenada, Mexicali or Tijuana to realize that there’s a market for craft: visitors are rallying in the thousands and breweries are popping up everywhere. There’s no precise census, but the Baja Craft Brewers Association must be ‘brewing’ already more than 50 members. And Baja’s finest, like Tijuana, Cucapá, Insurgente or Agua Mala, are already being sold in other Mexican states, and even in SoCal.

It looks like the future is bright, as state & local governments in Baja are starting to modify their regulations to allow for ordinary people, and not only big companies like Modelo or Heineken, to be able to produce and distribute their products, as well as being able to offer them in their own brewery tasting rooms.
¡Cheers to that!